Rebekka Gansel - Evropa

Stoffwindelberatung Butzele 

Area: I live in Germany, 72135 Dettenhausen and I will work in Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Böblingen, Ludwigsburg, Tübingen South of Germany and via Skype in any German speaking country :)


Tel: +49 7 1577 20115


Where am I from?

I am from Germany and I live between Tübingen and Stuttgart.

How many children do I have?

I have two children. A daughter and a son. My daughter is 3 years old an my son is 6 month old.

For how long have I been using cloth diapers?

I use cloth diapers since my oldest daughter ist 6 month old, so now since 2 years. My son wear cloth nappies after we came home from the hospital.

Which types or brands of cloth diapers do I have an experience with?

Last year I participated on a course about cloth diaper consulting and successfully passed the exams. In addition I have lots of different types of cloth nappies. From fitted diapers like hu-da, totsbots, storchenkinder, disana, anavy, sloomb,, ... over prefold (hu-da, flip, myllymuskut, ...), flats, all in one (Totsbots), pocket diaper (fuzzibunz, ...) and different diaper covers with wool or pul. And of course the bamboolik diapers. My daugther don´t use diapers any more, so we have now experience in differed kinds of training pants or in swim diapers.

What is my profession?

Normally i am a teacher for home economics and math.

What are my hobbies?

I love to be in contact with different people. I like to read books and to sew. I also sewed my own diaper covers.